Archived UFRO Data


Welcome to the Jovian Decametric Emission Archives recorded at the UFRO. In order to view past data, please click on the View Archive Data button below. This will open a new window displaying a calendar. The highlighted dates are links to archived data that are presently online. More data will be added to the archive in the future.

  •  The data available consists of the output of the receivers connected to the TP array at seven discrete frequencies of 18, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28, and 32 MHz, and the Radio Jove channel at 20.1 MHz. The archived data for a corresponding date will display two of the seven frequency channels and the Radio Jove channel (at the bottom). The data displayed are plots of the receiver's output voltage versus Universal Time. Each of the seven channels consist of two separate plots, which correspond to the right hand (RH) and left hand (LH) circularly polarized component of the emission. The deflection of the baseline correspond to the galactic background radio emission. Jupiter's radio emissions (and interference) appear as deflections above the galactic background emission. Step deflections, one minute after the beginning and ten minutes before the end of the observation, are calibration steps.
  • The numbers in the drop box on the left of each plot correspond to the frequencies of the available channels. The user can select one of these seven channels by clicking on the corresponding frequency.
  • The drop box on the top of the page, labeled Max. Volt, can be used to change the receiver's output voltage scale.
  • The ZOOM IN and ZOOM OUT buttons can be used to change the time scale of the plot.